Our CommuniTea
Did you know that our event emporium is run entirely by volunteers and Tea Travellers Societea members?

Would you like to join us as a tea lounge Benevole to help us offer the optimum in gracious tea service along with the events that excite you most?  We wish to work alongside philanthropic enthusiasts who yearn to be part of eclectic experiences and desire to serve others in the way they themselves would like to be served.

Bennies work 4 hour shifts 
either in the gift shop, tea lounge or kitchen.
You may choose to help out just once in a lifetime or come in on a regular basis up to 8 shifts per month.

All members of our volunteam receive our sincere gratitude in the form of pooled tips and complimentary tea treats, as well as graduating event & tearoom gift certificates, shop discounts, and even cash & credit bonuses.