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Do you enjoy the opportunity to attend theme parties, cultural activities and specialtea events? Do you prefer being part of the family to being a patron? Consider becoming a ground floor contributor. We have a bouquet brimming with lovely rewards.

We are a bona fide 501c3
as of April 2017, which means you will be able to write off donations to Whimsicalitea .

Our event and experience emporium is a collaborative effort, made possible by the contributions of time and funds by those who love the arts and culture.  Here's how you can get involved and how you'll be rewarded ... aside from the obvious rewards of goodwill.

Once you've chosen a level, select the specific donor reward that's best for you.

DAISY - $5
We will publicly thank you on our website

We will publicly thank you on our Facebook & Twitter pages

LILAC - $25
Tea and scone for 1 at our emporium
Public thank you on our website and social media pages with link to your own page

Select event or afternoon tea for 1
Advert on our website (1 month)

Select event or afternoon tea for 2
Advert on our website (3 months)

TULIP - $250
Select event or afternoon tea for 6
Listed as event Sponsor (1 event, includes link)

PANSY - $500
Unlimited onsite classes (1 person for 3 months)
Name in header section of website and Facebook (3 months)

IRIS - $1,000
Unlimited onsite classes (2 people for 4 months or 1 person for 8 months)
Name on menu (online with link & print for 1 year)

HYDRANGEA - $2,500
5-course tea party with harpist (up to 25 guests)
Long-distance visit to meet us, includes air fare, accommodation, and 1 event (1 night for 1 person)

ROSE - $5,000
Annual pass to all onsite events & classes (1 person, 1 year)
Name on shoppe front window & website homepage with link (1 year)

GARDENIA - $10,000
Weeklong trip to London with the Tea Travellers Societea, includes accommodation, air fare, & selected activities (1 person)
Name on shoppe sign & website logo, + link on 'contact' page (1 year)

ORCHID - $25,000
Name on shoppe sign & website logo, link on 'contact' page, name on all promo materials + gratis reservation for all classes & events (1 year)
Build-your-own rewards package with us

* * * 

Volunteer as a Bennie (benevole)
Earn event gift certificates, shop discounts and cash bonuses. Click here for our Volunteam page.

Earn rewards as a Whimsicalitea Ambassadress. Click here for details.

Become a Cheer Champion and earn a free party! (Age 18 & under) Click here for details.

Tearoom Queen for a Day
Have you ever wanted a tearoom of your own? Now's your chance to make your dream come true ... at least for a day or two:
  • $500.00 gives you exclusive use of our kitchen and tea parlour
  • Tuesday prep, Wednesday serve
  • Utilize our staff or use your own. Either way, service will be conducted according to your druthers
  • Bring the ingredients of your choosing
  • Decorate the tea parlour tables with your own linens & centerpieces or use ours
  • Feel free to use our serving ware or bring your own -- either way, as a tearoom owner for a day, you and your crew get to do the dishes
  • Close the tea parlour for your friends & family only, or open it to the public. We're happy to promote your event if you'd like it open to all
  • You keep the money you make (payable to you via cash or check ... or by credit card if you have a reader of your own)
  • You agree to pay for any items broken in the process (within reason)

Tea Biz Bootcamp
If you're serious about opening a tearoom, we can help!