Days & Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 11a-6p
  • Sunday: 12-4p

Tea Service 
  • Monday-Wednesday: Open Seating (regular menu by advance reservation) 11a-3p, Hearty High Tea (for groups of #18-#32) 4-7p 
  • Thursday & Friday: Elevenses & Brooch  teas 11a-3pm 
  • Saturday: Advance reservation seatings at 11a & 3p
  • Sunday: SpecialTeas at 3p
  • Private parties may reserve exclusive use of the tea parlour area for 2 hours any day with a guarantee of #30 guests

  • See classes page for ongoing instruction, tutorial series, and one-off workshops  

Mondays - Wednesdays 
  • Tea Service catered by Lady Whimsy

  • Fantasy Fitness: Theme immersion dance classes & series {$15 per class, series discounts}
  • Voice: Assorted series with opportunity for performance {$15 per class, series discounts}
  • 1st: Crafternoon Teas - Learn a skill - Create a keepsake - Nibble tea treats {$15+food}
  • 2nd: Manners a la Mode - etiqation for the modern age
  • 3rd: Elegant Arts - learn how to make things lovely

Friday (subject to change)
  • Fantasy Fitness: Theme immersion dance classes & series {$15 per class, series discounts}
  • Acting Arts: Assorted series {$15 per class, series discounts}
  • 1st (day): Knit & Lit {free+food}
  • 1st (eve): Fandom - Get your geek on {$20+food}
  • 2nd (day): 2nd Set of Eyes - peer business critiques {free+food}
  • 2nd (eve): Red Boa Society femininity workshops {$15-$25+food}
  • 3rd (day): Life Hacks - low-cost efficiency {$15+food}
  • 3rd (eve): Blind Pig secret speakeasy, roleplaying experience {free+food}
  • 4th: Blue Stockings Society salon get-togethers {$15-$25+food}
  • 5th: Dead Poets Society {free}

Saturday Nights (subject to change)
  • 1st: Siren Soirees immersion theme parties {$15+food}
  • 2nd: The Supper Club, Old Time Radio & Reader’s Theater, misc shows - interactive entertainment {$20+food}
  • 3rd: Misc. & meetups {Market Price}
  • 4th: Sing-Along Cinema & Standards {$20+food}
  • 5th: Amateur Talent Show & Vaudeville{$10+food}

Sunday Afternoons (subject to change)
  • 1st: Monthly Mystery - interactive shows & games {$35}
  • 2nd (usually): Off-site tea meetups {Market Price}
  • 3rd: Fancy Schmancy Birthday Tea {$45}
  • 4th: Themed Tea event with fun facts & trivia -or- Fairy Tale Tea & Cosplay {$35}
  • 5th: Hodgepodge ChariTea {Funds donated to wonderful causes}