Classes +

We offer a variety of tutorials and workshops for your edification and enjoyment. 
Here are a few of the skills you can look forward to mastering:

  • 2nd Set of Eyes Creative Critiques — peer feedback on your logo, brochure, website, manuscript, or whatever you may be working on
  • Acting - best practices: how to audition and create an online 
  • presence
  • Crafternoon teas — create a keepsake as you enjoy a cuppa
  • Elegant Arts — calligraphy, flower arranging, millinery, fruit carving, confection decorating
  • Fantasy Fitness — immerse yourself in the persona of your dreams to bellydance like a genie, hula like an island girl, and more
  • Knit & Lit — handwork and book club
  • Life Hacks — practical tips on making life run a bit more smoothly & reasonably
  • Manners a la Mode — everyday etiquette for the modern age, hostess class
  • Scraps — scrapbooking and card-making using bits & pieces you already have
  • Tea 101 — learn all about the great brew and how to choose, order, and prepare it
  • Tea Biz Boot Camp — Learn the ins and outs of starting a tearoom of your very own
  • Voice lessons — American Idols watch out!

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