Kind words from one of our pioneer questers

"I really enjoyed Riddle-Dee-Tea, Adventures in Whimsiland, Quest #1! It was fun clicking the hidden links and solving the puzzles. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore because the Quest takes you to many wonderful websites. This quest has whet my appetite for next year’s Spot of London tour to Scotland, London, and the return trans-Atlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II. I’m looking forward to the next Quest!" ~Dianne L.

17 June 2017 tea at the ma

Oodles of thanks to all who expressed interest in our Off with Their Heads RoyalTea. We're chuffed to say the event is ever so sold out!

What exactly is a Parcel Quest

Welp, we've distributed our first sold-out batch of Parcel Quests -- specifically, the Alice-themed Riddle-Dee-Tea quest. Since we're asked daily what the heck a quest is, what it involves, and what you get, here's a peek at the contents as my fab friend Sharon opens hers over tea at the irresistible Paris In A Cup Tea Salon & Cafe. Sorry for the fuzzy pics -- was trying to be unobtrusive. Neither worked!

And to answer the aforementioned quest-ions, our quests involves receiving a parcel full of goodies to be used in tandem with online clues to solve a riddle.
"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the quest. I eagerly await the next parcel. Cuppa in hand of course!!!"~Joan W., Astoria, OR